About Flowers Designed By You

In 30 years of designing experience we have been through many trials and tribulations when it comes to floral designing for weddings. Therefore it has become a goal to give the consumer more creative power in the construction of their flower arrangements. This is where the idea of Flowers Designed By You came from.

The inspiration for the company was the realization that there is a need for a company that provides an online resource that enables consumers to design and experiment with various floral combinations.

We scoured the internet looking for the solution to our problem only to come up empty handed.

We worked on designing this website for many months. Many mistakes and heartache later we feel we are now ready to unveil our hard work to the public.

The creation of this website enables you to view your finished product before it is actually arranged, giving you control over the final results. Being able to change any aspect of your arrangement along the way without any repercussions, such as time constraints, and pricing issues is the goal of Flowers Designed By You.