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Help Topics

My Flowers Won't Move

If you can't move the flowers, make sure that you select the flower you want to move first. If that still does note work, note that some features of the bouquet editor will not function properly if you have touch events enabled. In Chrome, simply disable touch settings at 'chrome://flags' or visit Flowers Designed by You using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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Check out our gallery of bouquets that other users have designed. To get your design in the gallery, click the "Add to Gallery" button at the top of the Bouquet Designer. We would like to have all our brides send us a bouquet that they have designed using our website.

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Love the site as much as we do? Please leave us a testimonial on the Testimonials page. And check out the testimonials from other brides, mothers, florists and all of our happy users!

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Demo Mode

Not sure where to begin? We have a demo mode that will walk you through designing your first bouquet! Just click on Start Your Bouquet from the home page, put in your e-mail and the state where you are getting married, and click start. Next, you will be prompted to tell us your name for the event, zip code where the event is happening and the date and you are set to begin! Why all the info? We ask for the zip so that we can find a preferred florist near you- and the date helps us to show you only the flowers that will be in season and available when your event is happening. You'll then be taken to the Bouquet Designer where our tutorial will walk you through the process of using the program to design your amazing arrangement.

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Our demo mode lets you try all of the features of the site- but you'll only have access to a limited number of flower choices and you will not be able to save your designs. To get full access to the all of our flowers, fillers, and greens that we have to offer, and to save your designs, you will want to become a member. It's easy! Click Create Account and enter your account information and payment. After creating an account you are brought to My Bouquets, this is YOUR home page. You can get back to this page by clicking on your name (upper right) on the home page.

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My Account - Your home base

This page gives you options for everything you'll want to do on the site:

Create A New Bouquet : Takes you to the Bouquet Designer - a blank canvas where you can start designing your creations.

Pre-Designed Bouquets: Our predesigned bouquets will give you all the help and inspiration you need. Just click on a design you like, and it will be copied and placed in the Bouquet Designer for editing - feel free to change colors, move items or add new flower selections.

My Events: See all of your events and dates. Click to view an event’s bouquets. If you are done with an event, you can delete it.

My Account: Change settings like your password, account name and email address.

Billing information: Update or change your credit card info.

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Bouquet Designer

This is a canvas where you can create amazing bouquets! Here is some help for the designer page.

Gray bar (upper right hand corner)

  1. •  The house symbol will bring you back to the front page.
  2. •  The ? symbol is the help button where you are reading this now.
  3. •  Click the lock symbol to log out.
  4. •  The arrow takes you back to your My Bouquet page.

Bouquet Elements (left side of the page)

  1. •  Backgrounds- There are 3 different colored back grounds and a blank canvas.
  2. •  Flowers- you can click on All Flowers and select from the drop down list or you can type in the name of a specific flower. You can also choose to search for flowers by color or price. We use the $ sign to group flowers according to their price range. One $ being the least expensive and four $ being the most expensive. We use this generic indicator because the exact cost of flowers is always changing within the industry. Also different florists charge different prices for their services.
  3. •  Greens –There are many different kinds of greens such as, leaves, stems, ect. They are used for fillers or accents.
  4. •  Fillers- are most small flowers that are used with larger flowers to fill in to help accentuate and finish the bouquet.
  5. •  Accessories- there are vases, and baskets. Beads ,rocks, shells, bulbs, bows, and more help fill in the vases and adds design to your bouquet.
  6. •  Templates- we include 19 different templates you can make a cascade, round, arm bouquet or even a head piece. These templates will help guide the shape of your bouquet.
  7. •  My Canvas- Keeps track of what flowers are used in your bouquet and how many. If you wish to use flowers from My Canvas they must be dragged over to your bouquet.

Top Middle of Page

  1. •  You can add several events(Ex: If you want to change the date of your wedding to see what flowers are available, birthday parties, Mother’s Day or anniversaries.)
  2. •  The grey bar under the date of your event that has the two arrows - use this box to name each design that you make, (Ex: bride, maid of honor, bride maid and so on.) Clicking off of the bar anywhere on the screen will save the name.
    Clicking on the arrows will move to the next canvas to allow you to design and save multiple bouquets.
  3. •   Click on Add to Gallery to send a request to have your design entered into the gallery and share your design with other users.

The Designer Canvas (middle of the page)

  1. •  This is where you will design your arrangements
  2. •  When you are done designing you can share with a florist using the gray bar at the bottom left of the canvas. Sharing with a florist on our preferred florist list allows the florist to see your design and enables both you and the florist to communicate through our e-mail. If the florist you have in mind is not on our preferred florist list contact us with the florist’s information and we will contact them for you.
  3. •  New bouquet bar at bottom of canvas allows you to create a new bouquet while automatically saving your old bouquet
  4. •  Remove bouquet at bottom right of canvas allows you to delete an entire bouquet

Element Info Pane (Box on right side)

Click on an element in the canvas to get information about the element and make changes as described below:

  • •  Name of the flower and a description
  • •  Relative price (measure with the $ symbol)
  • •   Color wheels for alternate color options when available - click to change the color of the selected element
  • •   Forward/back arrows - the arrow pointing up moves the selected element forward (closer to the front) and the arrow pointing down pushes the selected element behind the others
  • •   The circle icon flips the flowers.
  • •   The trash can removes the selected element
  • •   The pages icon duplicates the element

The bottom right box

We have several advertisers that can enhance your event. You can view them in the rotating display or click on "See All Ads" to see all of our preferred vendors - click on their listing to visit their website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.  I'm on the home page. Where are the flowers I created?
  2. Click on your name in the upper right of the screen. This will take you to your bouquet and account manager screen. Use the menu on the left to manage your account, see our gallery or go back to any of your own creations.

  3. 2.   I can't seem to move a flower or other element after I have positioned it on the Bouquet Canvas!
  4. To move an element, first you need to click on it to select it. This is the same for rotating an element or changing it/removing it in the Element Info Pane

  5. 3.   I can't figure out how to remove an item from the Bouquet Canvas.
  6. Click to select it, then click on the trash can in the Element Info Pane

  7. 4.  How to I rotate an element on the Bouquet Canvas?
  8. Click once to select it, then move the cursor near a corner. Hold the cursor down near the corner (it should still be an arrow cursor) and move up or down to see it rotate - fun!
    You can also flip an item to face the opposite direction in the Element Info Pane

  9. 5.   I can't figure out how to visit one of your advertiisers.
  10. In the ad pane on the lower right of the screen is a button that allows you to view all adverters. All of those "ads" are clickable and will take you to the website of the advertiser for more informaiton about them.

  11. 6.   I created a new arrangement in the Bouquet Editor, but it doesn't have a name.
  12. Just click on the name in the top middle of the page and start typing a new name.

  13. 7.  How do I send my arrangement to my florist?
  14. Check "Share with Florist" to the lower left of the Bouquet Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions for Florists

  1. 1.   How do I add a new bride?
  2. From the home page, click on your name in the upper right of the screen. How choose "Add Brides" from the menu in the left.

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