Advertising With Flowers Designed by You

A bride has tunnel vision. She sees only her moment on the aisle. Her dress. Her flowers. The music. If you are not in the picture in her head, you're missing out on her business. At Flowers Designed by You, we work hard to ensure our advertisers get maximum exposure to our users. Our strategy allows businesses to strategically market to their target audience.

Why Advertise With Us?

Smart advertising is strategic advertising. Flowers Designed by You is the essential resource to connecting with the brides in your area. We have the hook. At Flowers Designed by You, every bride creates a personalized wedding profile. This web page includes ceremony/reception details, pre-wedding events, guest lists and more to share with guests. When it comes to weddings, we are the social media maid of honor. Brides love us!

A Match-Making Business

At Flowers Designed by You, our mission is to match a bride with your business. One thing brides have in common is chaos. Planning a wedding adds a certain amount to her life. At Flowers Designed by You, we clear out the clutter and help focus the bride's search in the right direction. Our specialized service allows brides to find local dress shops, entertainment, florists, etc. It's a match made in heaven.