“My daughter is getting married and I was looking on-line and found this website. I thought this would be good for her to try, and she loved it. Now I get e-mails from her all the time showing me the bouquets she has created. Help! I’ve created a monster.” -Donna, NH

“My friend told me about this website so I figured I would check it out. I played with the website for a while, then I showed my bouquet to my fiancé and he wanted to create his own bouquet to see if I would like it. “This is like playing a game”, he told me. Since then we have picked out our wedding flowers using this website. Thank you for getting my fiancé interested in our wedding!! –Ashley, MA

“Great idea! I’ve been looking for something like this. I had trouble trying to picture my bouquet when my florist described it to me and I was getting frustrated and felt like my florist didn’t understand what I wanted. I stumbled across this website and I love it!!! I created my bouquet, showed it to my florist and now we both know what I want.” -Nicki, NH

“As a florist this website is wonderful. It is always a challenge to understand what a bride sees in her head and try to create a bouquet to her standards. This way she can know what it will look like ahead of time and tell me which flowers she doesn’t like and where she would like them placed. I will tell everyone I come across about this website.” –Jack, NJ

“A bride told me about this website while she showed me the bouquet that she created. I thought this website was such a unique idea I started showing it to all my bridal clients.” –Carol BP, CT

“I am now a preferred florist on this website and love that I can e-mail created bouquets from this website back and forth between my clients and me. This really takes away the guess work.” –Creative Hope Design, MA

“I was so indecisive about what I wanted in my bouquet or even the type of bouquet I wanted when I went to the florist that the florist showed me this website and suggested I give it a try. I went home and worked on creating my bouquet. This was such a wonderful find. I am still undecided but now it is because I can’t choose which one I like the most.” –Kristy Cambridge, MA

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